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The end of a diet...The beginning of a cold

By Andrew Moran
Posted Aug 5, 2011 in Health
On Mar. 20, I began my spring/summer health diet - as per the suggestion of my lovely dame.
My health diet consisted of avoiding sweets (cake, doughnuts, cookies), avoiding red meat, avoid pop (I never drink that stuff anyway) and trying to eat and drink as much fruits and vegetables as possible. A muffin and a small iced capp once a week were permitted as long as the muffin was whole grain and the iced capp was made out of chocolate milk.
I successfully completed the diet on Tuesday. For celebration, my lady and I went to Tim Hortons and we purchased two coffees and two doughnuts. The next day, I had another coffee and after work on Thursday, I had Harvey's.
After all of that, I have now come down with a cold (headache, stuffy nose, aches and pains and the desire for death). My girlfriend is also experiencing some cold symptoms.
This comes at the wrong time too because we celebrate our third anniversary on Tuesday and we don't want to be sick.
Anyway, I am not not going to drink any coffee, I'm going to eat my turkey burgers at home, going to eat frogurt as my dessert and continue on as if I was on my diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
I really loathe the flu and want to disembowel mother nature for allowing humans to develop colds!

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