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World music maestro, Edgar Muenala

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Posted Aug 4, 2011 in Entertainment
Edgar Muenala was not an accidental performer of the Fusion Festival in Surrey. He brought the whole set of his instruments and necessary amplifiers and played his music in a prepared tent for not quite a big audience.
He brought this special spirit of pan flute music from his native Ecuador and after a half an hour concert he had a ten times more of new fans after playing music from the bottom of his heart.
He was an excellent addition to his country's cultural display - colourful, exotic and with smiling faces of those who presented the arts, food and clothes from the equatorial country thousands of miles away.
Edgar Muenala on stage of Fusion Festival in Surrey  BC.
Edgar Muenala on stage of Fusion Festival in Surrey, BC.
On his website with all the information about the artist, he says:
What I really love about playing pan flute is being able to reach into someone’s soul and touch their life in a special way. It’s as if I am having a very personal and intimate conversation with each of my listeners.
Edgar's Fusion Festival concert was a promotion of his new CD "Pan Flute World Music" where he included famous world tunes performed on the pan flute. Amongst the pieces like "Let it be", "Scarborough fair" or "Romeo and Juliette" in his "White buffalo" Edgar combined the Andean style of pan flute music with traditional music of Aboriginal people from North America. The CD was available for sale after the concert which was truly an artistic experience and great music adventure enjoyed by many visitors of the festival.

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