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Charlie Sheen's Character Dies In Premiere

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Aug 2, 2011 in Entertainment
We have it confirmed, thanks to, that the rumors of Charlie's Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" will indeed be killed off. Sure, there was a time when he could have came back to huge ratings, but the feud got to large and thus, Charlie Harper (his character) will die. In the premiere episode, I have also been told, will be a two-parter. suggests that it will deal with the coming and goings of trying to sell the Malibu house, along with guest appearances by celebs looking to buy. In comes Ashton Kutcher, who ends up with the house. No doubt, somehow, the half man and the other man get involved as well. All this after a bevy of beauties show up at Charlie's funeral, with knee-slapping results. My guess, though, is no where near those of Chuckles The Clown and his demise.

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