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Sarah Palin's reflections "by heart" show patriotism

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Aug 1, 2011 in Politics
When I was at the gym I happened to see one of my fellow members reading a book by politician Sarah Palin. A law student and someone who is aiming to establish a solid career in any field he wishes to pursue, I was curious what appealed to him.
He told me that as an aspiring attorney it is important to know as many points of view as possible. I suddenly realized he was smart and very wise to think that way and put my eagerness to blab my opinion to shame.
As a journalist, I too must learn of many points of view as possible, without judgement. So I decided to follow his example and take the time to learn a bit more about Sarah Palin. When I saw her book "America by Heart - reflections on family, faith and flag," at the local library, I picked it up.
I can see why Palin appeals to many people. She seems to have a sincere conservative perspective. She holds the ideals of the US Constitution dear, along with the values that many who raise families have.
I do agree with Palin that women in positions of political leadership tend to be less ambitious for superficial power, than men are. Yet one advantage or quality that women in power do have that most men do not is the ability to resist corruption.
Yet I am curious to know why she sought to have her name trademarked? What does that have to do with political leadership?
Very savvy in terms of enterprising and self-promotion, no doubt. But in terms of real wholesome values to be personified in office, especially that of service? I wonder!
Palin presents, at least in this book a very wholesome perspective. Yet I wonder if she would be able to manage the complexity of a place like California or New York City?
The political landscape she describes is one that seems very much part of the Alaskan pioneer setting she grew up in. Yet, would she be able to uphold such strong values amid a very pluralistic and often too complicated nation?
Just a thought! I will have to read more of what she has written before I can say anything else. And, like any political candidate, the real test of any leader's character is when he or she is in office.

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