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Going nutty for nuts

By David Silverberg
Posted Jul 27, 2011 in Food
I've been thinking a lot about snacks during work, and lately I've been munching on nuts. I might've been influenced by a few studies that promote nuts' health benefits, as illustrated in this recent Globe article: "eating about half a cup of nuts each day can help people with diabetes lower their blood glucose and cholesterol levels."
Well, I don't have diabetes but I do have a sweet tooth. I've noticed almonds and cashews help curb my appetite and keep me energized. No more licorice and chocolate covered raisins for me! That feels so...1990s.
I like to think my health outlook has matured, and nuts have helped me along the way. I've also been adding walnuts to salads and been giving almond butter another chance (I used to be a Skippy kinda guy)
I prefer almonds, cashews and peanuts, but what about you? What nuts do you like eating?

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