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SpiderTruman: The Italian Political Hoax

By Salvatore Capolupo
Posted Jul 25, 2011 in Politics
Something strange happens here in Italy: some days ago a self-styled temporary worker in Montecitorio, i.e. a minister's dogsbody fired after many years of service, opened a Facebook page in which denounced, he said, the abuses committed by Italian politics at the expense of citizens. So discounts at the restaurant, too high salaries, benefits of various kinds were openly denounced by the one who seemed to become the new "Robin Hood". Something very strange, I thought in first times: why did this person do that in anonymous form, without naming without even the name of a politician who enjoyed these privileges?
Indifference is not suited, in my opinion, to which it claimed to stand as a victim of the system, even morally superior to the caste. There's something wrong, I thought. Meanwhile this person had a lot of fan in Facebook: hundreds of thousands of people, winked at the alleged victim of a cowardly act of mobbing. They seem don't care at all if behind SpiderTruman there's really who's intended to be. Ok, message is important, but is important knowing WHO said something! By example: if a politician say something hard agaist some ethnicity, he could be considered racist. If same thing were said by an actor, we should thing that's a joke or a mockery for satirical purposes. Expecially if he mocks his own religion or state or thoughts...
Some cute blogger, in the meantime, started to investigate about the real identity of SpiderTruman (actually unknown): finally some journalist had an interview with a politician, who has indirectly admitting being - with his parties, Italia dei Valori and Popolo Viola - behind the "Spidertruman operation", and that it was neither than "political marketing".
I found really disgusting that they need to INVENT a worker, crushed by the political caste (as if the real ones do not exist at all), and I find even more objectionable to be told "no matters if the character is totally invented, only the message count." I think this is pure rhetoric for citizens-children, really unworthy of a democracy. Knowing if Spidertruman is a mythomaniac or a poor citizien with no work sounds very important for me; the rest is only propaganda, which should sounds good (ok, let's make revolution) while realty is so different (we stand still and do nothing).
In the meantime in the newspaper, no media in Italy, no media at all!, apart from a few isolated bloggers, are worried about the SpiderTruman-Hoax. They prefer to make believe some good tales of our fellow citizens! Yes, because I like the substance, the facts matter, but if a politician is behind SpiderTruman, it's vital for all us knowing his name, his real story, his real thoughts. Obviously assuming you want to do politics, and the same is not reduced to mere marketing.

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