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Klezfest in Lvov, the Ukraine: Jewish Wedding et All

By mkwrk2
Posted Jul 25, 2011 in World
Known aka Lvov and Lemberg since it was established in 1256 and afterwards belonged to different political entities, during last decades L’viv reinstated own geopolitical notability by steadily grasping world’s attention with firmly persuading a locally-cast conception of a national development.
A natural part of Europe and being historically affected by the West more profoundly than the East of the Ukraine, this region experienced all challenges multi-nation/multi-faith lands had.
The Second World War foot-printed ones of the bloodiest pages in the inter-folks’ coexistence this multi-nation European road-crossing is famous for from the dawn of its history recorded.
Annihilating the Jews started from the earliest moments of the New Order Nazi Germany brought about into the occupied East European countries. The West Ukrainian L’viv was one of the first fascist victims, being occupied on the first day of the war against the USSR, which was 22nd June 1941.
July-1941 was a month of mass-murdering the Jews and forming a local ghetto-the Holocaust in progress.
Probably, the historical data had been considered by organizers of a month-long Klezfest, which was on 24th July 2011 third time successfully climaxed into the Day of Vulitsa Staroevrejska (The Day of Old Jewish Street) located in the heart of L’viv where the ancient Jewish quarter was and remains of Golden Rose Synagogue walls are the living memory of days Armageddon met modern history factually.
Well, laughing instead the crying is a very Jewish feature, and a Jewish wedding was very integral to a site the faith-various newlyweds were simultaneously attending with a lesser pomp and a significantly smaller entourage/media presence, performed as a part of a Life Celebration as one could understand such coexisting festive arranged in L’viv July.
It is a nice reality-so many different folks of different age groups attending, some with RUCH (MOTION, a political organization associated with the ethnic Ukrainians mostly) bangles on, enjoying Jewish melodies, dancing under tunes by groups assisted by SOHNUT to compliment to the L’viv festival, arrived from around Europe and Israel.
What is the most important this enjoyment and open manifestation of civilized grass-root approach to cultural variety could be unthinkable before the Ukraine had independence gained and the European-style UN-adapted way of inter-nation tolerance and individual’s rights and liberties chosen.
Mazeltov, the new Ukraine!
Jewish Wedding in Lvov, video by M. Kerjman

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