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Billiards, a game of millimeters

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Jul 24, 2011 in World
As an avid pool player, I have attended a weekend course. The instruction was good and my average win percentage moved from 39% to 54%. Yet, the details were still lacking.
As every pool player knows, the games requires much more than pocketing a ball. Smart play, insight into the table set up, cue ball control (direction and speed) as well as mental adjustments. Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent is also a must.
And like the best baseball pitcher can throw the perfect pitch, the batter can still hit it out of the park. And in billiards it very much the same. It is a game of insight, finesse and millimeters and despite your best game, you can still miss out on the tournament win based on a lucky touch by your opponent.
Of course, we all need to stack the odds in our favor and that requires practice. Although I have only had email contact with Dr. Dave Alciatore, he has shown to be a gentleman and a scholar. He is a professor at the Colorado State University (mechanical engineering). A devoted billiards enthusiast who has the desire to explain the physics of a game in detail.
In my opinion, “Dr Dave” has a brilliant mind, a keen sense of educational advancement and the ability to explain difficult subject matter in simplistic terminology. He is the author of the book “ the illustrated principles of pool and billiards “ which is a must own for the avid player.
Extremely interesting contributions include his high speed videos in which he shows what happens during ball to ball, cue to ball, ball to rail collisions.
Having problems explaining “double hit fouls”? Watch this high speed video of a double hit foul. If a picture is a thousand words, this video is worth a million.
Visit Dr. Dave Alciatore online. His many free articles, videos and other instructional giveaways will improve your game. And if you desire to win tournaments and be a much better player, consider reading his book and viewing his “ Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots “, a systematic approach to pool and billiard techniques.
I did, and my win percentage moved from 54% to 65%. Okay, I am not that good! … yet.
see also the simplest three rail methodology.

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