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The end of Space

By John Rusch
Posted Jul 21, 2011 in Technology
This morning I hear the very last of what is known as the sonic booms from the Space Shuttle. Usually it is 2 quick booms. The media seem to be all over it and they are causing it to be such an emotional story but one thing I don't hear is the future. It seems to me as if the media doesn't want to touch much on that because it would sound 'negative'. All I have heard is that now if we want to go to space we have to go to Russia to send people up.
Something society in America doesn't seem to realize is that Obama cut funding for NASA. It is all sshh though. As a result it amounted in the loss of 8,000 jobs and the area around the Cape is a rural area. I wonder if those communities will dry up and becomes ghost towns?
NASA had plans in the works for some unmanned rockets but those plans have been scrapped as well due to governmental budget cuts. Now, in times past I have always hear that America led the way on this Earth because of our ability to send men into space. Now, that we don't have that ability, or a very limited one now, is American going to continue to be that leader? My answer is no for even in the economy we are falling down.
I wonder, how much of the economy is also responsible for the decommissioning of NASA? What if Russia decides it wants to be our enemy? Are they going to extend goodwill to us if we decide to send an astronaut to them?
They seems to be alot of unanswered questions here and I am not finding much in the media who are dealing with these issues. Maybe there is no issue at all but I find that hard to believe.

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