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Ballali mysterious death haunts Govt.

By Juniper Russo
Posted Jul 21, 2011 in Crime
The government was yesterday cornered to prove the alleged mysterious death of former disgraced Bank of Tanzania, Governor Daudi Ballali. This emerged in the Parliament , when Masoud Abdallah Salim, in his supplementary question, wanted the Ministry of Finance to clear the air of suspicious that Ballali might still be alive by either presenting a video tape of his burial or giving a tangible proof of his death.
“ Most of the times when we question the whereabouts of government officials who have succeeded to swindle public funds, the government always claim that the suspects , either have gone missing or are dead . Now today I want the Tanzania government to clearly tell Tanzanians whether it is true that the former Bank of Tanzania Governor, David Ballali is dead. And if he dead, can the government prove to suspicious Tanzanians by either bringing a video tape so that we can drop the thoughts that Ballali’s death is like Osama’s whose body was buried in the sea? He asked.
Deputy Minister for Finance George Teu could not find a proper answer to the probing question but only managed to respond lightly , saying : “ We received a report from our Embassy in Washington’ USA, that Ballali is dead and we will not see him again.” Then he walked away from the podium just like that. This statement left many MPs, especially from the opposition, murmuring an indication that they were not satisfied with the given answer.
In May 2008, Bank of Tanzania released a statement confirming the death of its former disgraced governor Daudi Ballali in Washington, USA. But watching news item on all television stations and reports published in various local newspapers left more questions arising about the circumstances surrounding the death than answers.
The Bank of Tanzania public relations officer assigned to the task of releasing the statement and answering questions from the press had a rough time from the barrage of questions seeking more information. The one page statement, half of it filled with Ballali’s colored picture, really left a lot of qualms in people’s minds. Journalists and the general public believed that the identifying and seeing real body could help to clear these doubts.
Ballali was seriously implicated in a massive rip off more than USD 116.5 million from the External Payment Arrears (EPA) of the Bank of Tanzania. It is said the escape to the United States for treatment and was thereafter sacked from duty by President Jakaya Kikwete.

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