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It's Official: Palin film is out

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Jul 18, 2011 in Politics
Besides the opening of “Winnie the Pooh” over the weekend, another film hit the screens. OK, more than one. Oh wait, there was this other movie called “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” but I’m not even talking about that blockbuster.
Try, “The Undefeated” with Sarah Palin as its star. According to ARC Entertainment, it had a solid opening. It was released in 10 cities and between Friday and Saturday, they noted, it averaged $5,000 per screen. You can do the math for the total for those two days.
The ten markets (and more cities) are: Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Orlando, FL, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, Oklahoma City, OK and Orange, CA.
Included in the film is the not-so-much heard and seen Palin at her best. It could be seen as the reason why many people are in her camp. This is not a look at how the media looks at the rising star from Alaska. No, they view her as a dumb woman who got thrust into the limelight with no background. That is not the case, but it doesn’t fit their narrative. That’s why this film was made - - to counteract that.
In the film:
The film includes:
• Political commentators Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart.
• Activists Kate Obenshein, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke.
The film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors. Most were involved in Alaskan politics when she was governor of Alaska.
* * *
Alaska in mid-decade was a land of vast natural resources fought over by the largest companies in the world and governed by a corrupt and compromised political class. Rampant crony-capitalism stood in the way of the people of Alaska reaping the benefits of their natural birthright.
Enter a galvanizing reformer, a small town mayor who took on her own political party and brought on “sudden and relentless reform.” An epic two-hour feature documentary film, “The Undefeated” chronicles the rise from obscurity of one of America’s new generation of leaders: Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.
Starting during the Exxon Valdez disaster of 1989 when Palin worked a commercial fishing boat she owned with her blue-collar husband, the film shows the struggles, the victories and the setbacks during a controversial career.
The Undefeated” provides a fresh and revealing look at Governor Sarah Palin.
The film is structured in three Acts and chronicles Palin’s early days in Wasilla; her achievements as Governor of Alaska, which yielded her an astonishing 80 percent approval rating; and her meteoric rise to the national stage as John McCain’s running mate.
Taking on both the right and the left, “The Undefeated” takes an unflinching look at the state of discourse in contemporary American electoral politics.
With a sweeping score, previously unseen footage and exclusive interviews, “The Undefeated” educates, entertains and challenges its audiences to take another look at someone who is much-discussed but whose story, despite all that is written and said about her, is actually largely untold.