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'Harry' Humbles 'The Dark Knight'

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Jul 17, 2011 in Entertainment
*It is HIS. The three-day BO record now belongs to "Harry Potter" as the last installment of the franchise takes in $168.6 million. The previous best (again for a three-day weekend) was for "The Dark Knight" with $158.1 million. This month also sees the release of "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "Captain America." No way can they match the hype of "Harry." If you are wondering, most likely if people did not get into "Harry" they went to "Transformers" as it remained No. 2. The other new release over the weekend was "Winnie the Pooh" and it checked in at a rough $8 million. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEXT BATMAN POSTER WHICH WAS RELEASED...Hype has begun but can it match "Harry"? Oh yeah, "Titanic 3D" next year in April, yes April. Think about that one.
Now, let's say it again: "Harry Potter" should get a Best Picture nominations come Oscar time. If not only for better ratings but for way the franchise has done for the business of show, as in the movie business. And look at the last two significant Oscar rating winners. As the final "Lord of the Rings" came to end, it went home with 11 (and 11 wins out of 11 nominations); before that it was "Titanic" which also took in 11, at the time being the only film to tie "Ben Hur." Now, "Harry" should NOT win that one or even Best Picture but just putting it in the category would do wonders for the business of show.
* As for the Lumberjack Festival, it was a benefit for the Saw Mill Museum in Clinton, Iowa. It was a chance for the 2,000 spectators to get a glimpse of a sport not often seen around here, despite it being what many or the area's ancestors have done. That would be logging and working in the timber industry. Soon the museum will be open to relive that experience.
This competition took place in Clinton, Iowa, on July 16 along the banks of the Mississippi River on a hot, sun-drenched day. Those in attendance were treated to the feats of strength and endurance as the day progressed. If you have seen these competitions on ESPN, it was the same, sans the water events. More later.
* Also in Iowa, a nice getaway is taking in and staying overnight at the Wild Rose Casino in Clinton, Iowa. The friendly hosts, fantastic rooms and great food and plenty of beverages, make for a delightful way to spend time. Oh, and there is that gambling with plenty of action to keep you up later than you might want. Next up: Leroy "The and Tuesday, July 19 between 1-2 p.m.
* Meanwhile, the Iowa National Guard in now home from their tour of duty in Afghanistan with a WELCOME HOME today at their base in Clinton, Iowa. On a sad note: One of their own came home earlier last week as we was killed over there. God bless.
And, yes it was a mix of racing fans and movie-making at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa July 16. More later.
* Oh, and some bad job news came in as well: Whirlpool announced 350 layoffs. In Illinois, a Rockford metals company announced it is heading for nearby Indiana and taking its jobs with them.
Here's how we covered it on the service:
7.17.11 - "Harry" humbles "The Dark Knight" as the best ever THREE day weekend is his with $168.6 million...
7.16.11 - Iowa Troops welcome home in Clinton, Iowa at 1 p.m. Sunday (I will be there)... Lumberjack Festival huge hit (more later. Got myself a wood cookie? It's a piece of wood that is cut during the competition. Round, big and I counted the rings)...Iowa Speedway welcomes movie cast, crew...Rockford metal company heading to Indiana and taking its job with it...still, 10 more may do the same thing soon...Casey Anthony is OUT...
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