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A touching TV moment as French news presenter bids farewell

By Johnny Summerton
Posted Jul 14, 2011 in Entertainment
It's one of those moments that only live television can give the viewer; a presenter saying goodbye and being unable to hold back the tears.
That's exactly what happened at the end of Wednesday morning's programme on LCI, one of France's all-news channels.
As the French media and entertainment news site Puremédias reports, emotions were running high as the team of Audrey Crespo-Mara and Jean François Rabilloud signed off at the end of the show.
More than that, after four years presenting together, it also marked the end of the partnership as, although Rabilloud still has a week left before the final show of the season and the beginning of the summer break, both are to be replaced in the autumn by Sylvia Amicone and Philippe Ballard.
As the pair alternately presented their adieus and thanked the editors, producers, studio technicians and just about anybody else they could think of, it all became too much for Crespo-Mara who had difficulty holding back her tears.
"My thanks to you my dear Jean-François," she said, turning to Rabilloud and using the informal "tu" form seldom heard among journalists on either television or radio.
"I've spent four marvellous years with you," she continued.
"And it has been the best experience in my professional life."
Rabilloud, clearly prepared for the occasion and certainly less demonstrative in his emotions appeared touched.
"Happy holidays and have a good summer," he said offering her a somewhat unglamourous but nonetheless thoughtful pot plant as a leaving gift."
"Here's a hortensia which will accompany you - my dear Audrey. I'll see you (the viewers) in a moment for the latest sports news."
A touching moment indeed in the usually hard-nosed world of journalism, proving that they too, are after all, just humans.

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