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This is My Year

By Jacki Viles
Posted Jul 12, 2011 in Health
Almost 50! OK, what now? AARP is sending me things fast and furious. I need my reading glasses to see ANYTHING they send to me! Thankfully I'm in good shape. I go to the gym at least 4 days a week. I'm not a fitness addict at all. I'm just a little bored.
But I have this nagging 20 pounds that won't go away. I blame Publix. It isn't because I wanted the chips as I was buying the salad mix. And look at the gelato! Wow- I could really use some of that right now. 800 calories in that little container! Wow! I would have to run 2 hours to work that off. But these goodies still come home with me.
I'm in the grocery store twice a week. I buy meat and vegetables and then forget to defrost them. Perhaps by the time I get home it is too late to cook a meal It's just me and the dogs. How much trouble do I want to go through? But I am also kind of hungry. Let me just call and get take out.
The scenario plays over and over day after day. Week after week. Until one day you realize that your spending money for food you don't eat and the weight doesn't come off!
I've tried dancing it off, skating it off, cross training it off. But it's still with me. Until now!
I saw an ad for a company who delivers fresh meals to my gym. It's called Good Measure Meals. They create meals for you by how many calories you want to eat. There are several calorie ranges and dietary choices to choose from. You can order dinner only, or 3 meals a day. I ordered a complete month- 3 meals a day. If you are wondering- It costs less than what I spend on food now. And- it will help me (I hope) break the supermarket shopping cycle for good.
I chose the 1200 calorie a day plan. My thought here is that in 30 days I will invariably find a meal that I don't particularly care for and will have to substitute. Or perhaps, I will try things I never had and find new foods to enjoy. Either way- it gives me a little room if I need a snack or perhaps over indulge. No more grocery store for me for this month. I will go to Walmart and pick up dog food. But that is it.
I'm not looking for this to turn into a weight loss journal. I don't know what I weigh. I know I'm a size 10. I have a decent amount of muscle. But I could use a few inches off the waist. We'll see. I'll post here and describe the food I am getting and how Good Measure Meals is working out for me.

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