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With Asbestos from Canada

By Ernest Dempsey
Posted Jul 7, 2011 in Health
The business and industrial sector of developing countries eternally suffer from the hunger for growing – in assets and profit-making trade. Very often, the price is paid by its working class, usually with their health, and even with life. An example is the trade of asbestos-containing products exported by developed countries to its less developed client countries where few care about and/or resourceful enough to prevent the damage done to life, mainly by the carcinogenic effect of asbestos. Isn’t it the responsibility of the developed nations to take preventive measures in such cases?
Certainly we have a case here for nations like Canada which export asbestos-containing products to developing countries. Recently, there has been increasing concern over Canada’s asbestos industry and trade of the same with developing nations like India. Care2, in this context, has created a petition page to ask the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make it Canada’s trade policy telling the truth about the health hazards of asbestos to the countries engaging in trade of asbestos-containing products with Canada.
Please sign the petition to save people from asbestos related deaths sold in the form of commercial products.

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