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Ending the "Utimate Argument" with Logical Thinking (Pascal's Wager)

By Angelica Manzietti
Posted Jun 30, 2011 in
There are two groups on this earth, the "Non-believers" and the "Believers". The non-believers are the those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and the Rapture and the believers are those who do believe. We all have heard this argument many times before because it is all over the world. There are wars about religion and mass suicides, we argue on if God is fact or fiction. There is a way to relieve this argument and make this planet a better habitat for all.
What if I said I can give everyone a logical choice to settle this absurd argument on religion? What if I can change a non-believer into a believer just by using a little bit of logical thinking?
We know about the end of the world. We have heard it multiple times on the radio and have seen it in the movies. Some call it the Apocalypse, or The Rapture, or just simply the End of the World. The Rapture is written in the bible under Revelations. It is written that Jesus Christ will rise again in the end times and the believers will be sent up to heaven to be with God, while the non-believers would be "left behind". The Rapture is said to be several years long and is going to be an absolute chaotic hell on earth. Then after some several years a new earth would be created. Remember, you have a choice.
First, let's say that Jesus Christ is not real and that the rapture is not going to happen. There are the non-believers that are happy because they were right. Then we have the believers that are confused but are also happy because everyone is safe.
Now, lets say that Jesus Christ is real and that the Rapture will happen. The non-believers will be left behind and very unhappy with all the chaos and devistation, while the believers are in heaven with God, safe and sound.
Lastly, this is where the logical thinking comes in. This is for everybody. You have two choices: to be a non-believer or to be a believer. I myself would have to choose to be a believer because either way, I would still be well and happy . A believer does not have to decide. On the other hand, if you choose to be the non-believer, then you have to decide if you really want to be on earth when it turns into a hell for several years or take that 1% chance of Jesus and the rapture being false and live happy.
If the non-believers would just use logical thinking, they would ask themselves, " What choice would be the most logical decision"? Would you take that chance? Here is my strategy to end this morbid fight.
• If you are a non-believer and Jesus and the rapture is true then you are bound for hell on earth.
• If you are a non-believer and Jesus and the rapture is false then you would be fine
• If you are a believer and Jesus and the rapture is true then you will be fine
• If you are a believer and Jesus and the rapture is false then you will be fine
Here it shows your chances. We all have a choice. I just feel that the choice of believing is most logical. The non-believer is always going to have that one chance on this subject being false, but why take that chance when it is more promising either way for the believer.
What are you?

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