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"So, You Feel Like You Don't Have a Soul"

By Angelica Manzietti
Posted Jun 29, 2011 in Health
When someone feels like they do not have a soul, it can be a very traumatic experience every day of there lives. The soul, is the inner most part of one's body. We depend on our soul to take care of our feelings and attitude towards life in general. Of course the brain has a very huge part in how we think and act, but I am not talking about damage to the brain. I am speaking in regards to the destruction of one's soul.
This feeling of not having a soul does not happen over night. Our souls would have to take years of beatings, let downs, mistrusts, heartaches, terror, abuse, and much much more before it would eventually just vanish into thin air.
Those who really feel such a way, as myself, know that in the beginning we enjoyed life more often. We felt the feeling of love and joy. We had an understanding of people in general. If we happen to get upset, we learned to cope. We were happy and easy-going. I bet we all wish we can go back to those days when we were feeling good about life.
Although, our lives were not always fun loving and charming, was it? No, our childhood was a nightmare. Maybe you were physically abused like me or maybe you were molested. Whatever the case may be, those years of fright was the beginning of our lost souls. After those years have painfully past by, most try to forget about it. Not a good idea. It is always best to talk about it. So, we hold the past deep down inside our body's thinking it will be ok and while we were doing that, we are making friends, socializing, hanging out, and partying.
Now, this is the point of our lives where we fell into the relationships. Girl friends, boy friends, and best friends were a huge part of our lives. Then one day they do not want to be there with us any more. Friends move away or find new friends. We were left alone and abandoned.
Then we find a boyfriend or girlfriend that we were so in love with. We have all been there. "We are going to be with each other forever". Well, one heartache leads to another and then another till, eventually you feel worthless.
Most women and men do not develope the "lost soul" feeling. We develope the feeling when we are older. It can most deffinately happen when your younger too, but it is more likely to happen when you start to realize that your loved ones are dying off. Your father dies and then a few years later your mother. I believe when awfull events start to happen at a rapid pace and it is already hard to deal with the first stressfull situation, we just start to give up on life.
Now, instead of the happy, kind-hearted, and playful "person" we all used to be, we see our selves as monsters. We notice now, that almost everything bothers us. The aggitation alone would be enouph for people to not want to go near the wrath of not having a soul. We also start to notice we yell and scream instead of talking our quarrels through like normal. We have lost our souls and can take just as long to get them back as it did to lose them.
We are not like other people. We think differently now. We do not have many friends and have not made any friends. We have not socialized in many years so we forgot the way to make friends. We are lost souls wondering how to get back to the way we used to be. We struggle in life so much now that it is depressing. We feel there is just no way to get our souls back. "So You Feel Like You Don't Have a Soul".
You are not alone...........

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