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Child Abuse Awareness

By Angelica Manzietti
Posted Jun 28, 2011 in World
Have you ever made fun of a classmate or have known a classmate that was made fun of? I am talking about the classmate that was stinky, ugly, short, to tall, to fat, or just not a very sociable classmate. Well that is the kid that is more than likely the one that is being abused severely at home. If you were the classmate that made fun of the kid sitting by themselves at lunch, you were only making it worse for them.
Children in that situation always feel scared, nervous, and confused. The feeling of being scared comes from not knowing where they stand in the world. The feeling of nervousness comes from trying to always fit in and realizing that they are always failing. The feeling of being confused is that every where they go, it is not safe.
These kids have these feelings all day at school and then when they go "home".
What people do not understand is that abused children often are so afraid to go home due to there parents physical, emotional, verbal, and mental abuse. The kids that are unfortunate are always walking on eggshells.
I am introducing this subject so that people can stop the horror chain of child abuse. We all need to be aware of it because if we, as adults do teach our children the kind and correct way to treat others then this abuse will stop. It may take a long time but we will see success.

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