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Gazpacho the lazy way - à la française

By Johnny Summerton
Posted Jun 26, 2011 in Food
There's nothing like fresh ingredients when preparing a meal...and the following recipe takes that advice a little too literally.
It's summer and a great time to enjoy a typical Spanish dish; gazpacho, a cold tomato-based vegetable soup.
Absolutely delicious even if sometimes the chef tends to be a little heavy-handed on the garlic.
Now you might think that the French, when they decide to "revisit" a recipe - albeit from another country - and add their own touch to a classic, would come up with something rather special.
After all back in November last year the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) recognised French gastronomy as a world treasure when it added it to its list "aiming to protect intangible slices of a nation's heritage."
That was the somewhat formal and convoluted way of saying it had been given the official seal of approval and was the first time any country's gastronomy had been included.
That's all well and good, but take a look at the preparation suggestions on a box of dinky glasses for amuse-bouches available in a chain of hard discount (or "ard discoont" as pronounced in French) stores up and down the country.
Gazpacho recipe
Gazpacho recipe
Can't read what has been written without having the print enlarged?
No sooner said than done. Here you go.
Gazpacho recipe
Gazpacho recipe
You see that?
The third tip on what to make, and how - "Espagne: gaspacho (mixer 1 boite de tomate pelées avec un bocal de poivrons égoutté et un concombre épluché."
For those of you whose French is a little on the rusty side, that reads - "Spain: gazpacho (mix 1 can of peeled tomatoes with a jar of drained peppers and a peeled cucumber."
Nothing like fresh ingredients...and that's nothing like etc...
Bon appetit.
Or should that be buen provecho.

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