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Happy Father's Day to All The Ones who Work From Home!

By Ellen Whitehurst
Posted Jun 17, 2011 in Lifestyle
Sweetest thing to wake up to this morning…heard the swish, swish, swish of someone swimming in a pool coming in through my open bedroom window and knew that my neighbor John was more than likely out for his early laps. But when I looked out I saw both John and his dad, here visiting for his granddaughter’s high school graduation, doing a sort of father/son lap dance in their pool. Just truly touched my heart!
HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the great dads in the world. But, today, an especially happy one for the ones who work from home. Believe me brotha’ I get it, really, I do!
Oh and one last before I get into the meat of the matter. This week one of the red strings that comprises a quarter of the Four Red Strings cure hanging in my bedroom (if you have my book, you have that cure!) well one of those strings mysteriously jumped onto the left side of my bed and it’s been hanging there ever since. Now, at the same time my little Valentine showed up and kept me good company while keeping all the little man things around the house in repair and, then, I heard from a MAJOR player in the talk radio world that he wanted to speak to me (DONE!) to assess partnering on a project and, then, my old EIC from Redbook and I FINALLY connected to create a time to talk partnering on another project ….and…..then…..last night I got an email from a show developer in LA that he wants to speak to me today about something that he might have for me in the telly world..and….then……well, nothing after that, but, that’s ALOT right? Just sayin’…….somebody up there’s pulling some strings while I keep mine intact down here….okay, now, back to work from home dads:
Today’s energies honor all those dads who bring home the bacon from the back of the house. That’s right, today is ‘Work at Home Father’s Day,’ a time to celebrate those pops whose children might require a diaper change but who also celebrate the baby who puts the wind in his sails: his business! So today I want to share some secret home office Shui, while also disclosing that I use almost all of these tips in my own home office space. First, red flowering plants or yellow chrysanthemums blooming in the Fame area of the office will bring both riches and laughter if they’re bought or picked on October ninth and kept in a vase for 27 days. These plants are believed to bestow a position of respect and high rank! If the flowers begin to wilt, replace them immediately. An image of a mountain behind your desk will lend strength, courage and support, and anyone who approaches the desk will now subconsciously know that you’re an immovable force to be reckoned with. A small statue of the Chinese Zodiac animal or ally that correlates to the year of your birth will bring a stronger sense of self worth, esteem, confidence, and greater power. This glass or crystal animal should sit on an octagonal mirror, and should be placed on a piece of red cloth on the far right hand side or corner of the desk. Bright lights burning in any office bring even brighter opportunities. But the most secret Shui for increasing opportunities, respect and vast rewards is to raise the level of your desk by a few inches. Position blocks of wood under each leg of the desk and then adjust the chair to match the new view. Speaking of having an excellent view, doing any or all of these cures inside your home office will have immediate, tangible and terrific results. Happy ‘Work at Home Father’s Day’ to all those dads who’ve birthed a business! We honor you!

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