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Connect your Facebook and Digital Journal accounts

By Chris Hogg
Posted Jun 16, 2011 in Internet
Today we've expanded our integration with Facebook, allowing new members to quickly and easily create a Digital Journal profile using their Facebook account. For existing users, you are now able to connect your Facebook account with Digital Journal.
New members:
If you don't yet have a Digital Journal account, click the Sign up button or the Facebook Connect button at the top of every page. A pop-up screen asks you to give permission to connect with your Facebook account. You can then confirm details and click "sign-up" and you're done.
Your new Digital Journal account will include your Facebook photo and you can edit your bio and photo anytime by hovering over your name and clicking on the Settings link.
Existing members:
We invite all existing members to connect their Facebook profile with their Digital Journal account. To connect your Digital Journal and Facebook accounts, log-in to Digital Journal and click the blue Facebook Connect button on the top of the page. Once you grant access to connect the accounts, you're done.
Once you've connected your Digital Journal and Facebook profiles, you will be able to log into Digital Journal with a single click every time you come back to the site. We'll also be introducing new features over the next little while to provide additional benefits to those who connect their two accounts.
Thanks to everyone for their input regarding integrating Facebook features. If you have ideas you'd like to see, or feature requests regarding the Facebook/Digital Journal connection, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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