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By Lynn Curwin
Posted Jun 13, 2011 in World
A couple of weeks ago these kittens were abandoned, along with a couple of their litter mates. They were between four and five weeks old at the time, and should not have been taken from their mother.
They were left outside of a barn overnight, and when the people who had horses in the barn showed up in the morning two kittens were close to death - possibly because it had been too cold for them. A vet visit and fluids resulted in one of the two very weak kittens surviving, but the other died.
The people at the barn decided to keep the kitten who had come close to death and I brought the other four home to care for and find home for. They are doing well and the first two went to a new home Friday evening.
The actions of those who abandoned these little ones is very unfair - to the kittens, to their mother, and to other people. Other people were upset by a kitten's death, and others had to step in to save the rest of the litters. The people who heartlessly left these animals probably laughed at how easily they disposed of the kittens- and are likely to do the same thing again.
File photo: Small kitten relaxing
File photo: Small kitten relaxing
A kitten
A kitten

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