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American Idol Crowns Country Clone

By Kelly Bowlin
Posted May 27, 2011 in Entertainment
Yesterday, America selected country clone singer and stay-puft marshmallow poster boy, Scotty McCreery as the winner of the 2011 American Idol. The show reported receiving over 122 million votes. Pretty cool, considering 29.2 million actually watched the show. Have you ever seen a teen, tween, tweet? Punching out an extra 5 or 10 votes in a matter of seconds is no problem and Scotty certainly cleaned up on the tweeners who tweeted on Tuesday. Silly me, I thought boomers ruled the world. Tell that to the most watched television show in the history of the universe.
The spectacle was basically flat compared to recent A. I. finales and it was particularly sad seeing a crooked legged Steven Tyler do a snippet version of Dream-On without his regular boys who many speculated were going to make the final curtain call. I guess Aerosmith was sending Steven a message. Personally, if I was Aerosmith, I’d have taken the gig. Aren’t they about as relevant as Bo-Bice?
McCreery’s peeps announced that he’s already coming out with a single that features a duet with Josh Turner. Scotty will be singing into a mirror which is actually Josh Turner singing back in an unnaturally deep country voice. Vocal coaches call it singing from your ankles.
The win is another nail in the coffin of American musical relevance. We are a pop culture with pop icons who fit neatly into cellophane wrapped, teeth whitened, homogenized, made up, packages that clear channel loves, and about as safe as milk on a first date. Remember when Pat Boone covered Ossie? That’s what I’m feeling here. Geeze I miss Bruce Springsteen when he mattered.
It looks like the show will be saying “vaya-condios” to Steven and Jennifer, Too bad, they were fun and I think America enjoyed Mr. Tyler’s irreverence, but Steven does have a day job with a pretty cool employer that still matters to boomers like me who just learned how to tweet a few weeks ago.

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