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Are you believing what they're saying?

By Christopher Wager
Posted May 14, 2011 in Politics
On April 6th, Media Matters for America announced a press release by David Brock (Media Matters founder) in which he had this to say about Fox News and their front man Glenn Beck. "The only surprise is that it took Fox News months to reach this decision." What Mr. Brock is referring to is Fox News' announcement that Glenn Beck will be leaving the television airwaves sometime next year.
I point out this article is in no way defense of either party, Media Matters or Fox News's Glenn Beck. I only wish to raise some questions, which are begging to be asked in my own mind. I will not even begin to speculate on what possibly could be the truth. To say one side is always right would be outlandish, as would saying either group is always wrong.
Somewhere along the line, someone has to be right some of the time, and someone has to be wrong some of the time. Being able to distinguish between the ones telling the truth and the ones not has become a fruitless endeavor.
For a long time Glenn has had Media Matters in his cross-hairs, making points to their questionable intentions. All the while asking his audience not to take his or anybody's word for what he was saying, but rather trust in their own research, and look it up for themselves offering, in addition to his complex research, tape of his foes to support his position. On the other side of the same coin, Media Matters has given a respectable amount of their site and time to bashing Fox and Beck as well. Both are preaching some "In Your Face" material.
If only half of what Beck is saying is true, it would be enough to invoke thought in a reasonable person to question what is happening around us as we go about our daily lives. Taking the position "I hate Fox News because....." is not reasonable. If something was said that you do not believe or I should say don't want to is not Fox News' responsibility. Their responsibility is to report the news in what they believe to be a reasonable manner. As does Media Matters, their job is to question what they believe to be the reasonable and ethical presentation of the facts about events in this world. In that lies the question, one's definition of these words. I am sure ABC's code of conduct is not the same as Fox or NBC or Media Matters. Applying this to both parties, just because you don't agree with what is being said doesn't give one the right to take action to silence them. I must say if Beck is anything, he is a money machine. Beck says his leaving was really his idea. Believe him or not the question is why would Fox voluntarily surrender one of their greatest assets?
I am sure we will continue to watch or hear about this feud, which is quickly turning into a spectacle for many months or years to come. In any event, it is up to you to make thoughtful and intelligent decisions about what you learn from the media.

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