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Police Network.

By Llewellyn Harris
Posted Sep 29, 2008 in Crime
The Police from all around the world should share information with each other to combat Terrorism. The growing terrorist are not only active in India but all over the world. We living in India are so afraid of bomb blasts, and we really don't know when a bomb in going to hit are city also. The next point I would like to add is that police in India, should unite together regardless of different states, they should share information with each other to combat terrorism in our country. A united Police force could do much more that safe guarding one's state but also sharing information with other states.
The police should not be controlled by the state government but by the center (New Delhi). The reason being that once an election is won in that particular state and a new government rules over that particular state the police are posted out to different localities. This interference by the Political parties from time to time disturb the police officers who are resposible for crimes commited by the Terrorist goup all over India

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