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Digital Journal launches new Assignments feature

By Chris Hogg
Posted May 5, 2011 in Internet
We've had a lot of feedback about the way in which we assign stories to be covered on Digital Journal, and today we're happy to showcase the product of all that feedback with the launch of our new Assignments feature.
Effective immediately, Digital Journalists will be able to see a list of stories editors are looking for right now. Stories can be "claimed" by individual writers and bonuses are applied to anyone who covers a story from the Assignments list.
How it works
The list of current Assignments can be found by clicking the red Contribute button on the top of the page, or by visiting the main Assignments page. Note: This feature is available only to Digital Journalists, so if you are not yet a Digital Journalist we invite you to become one today. Our editors create this list throughout the day to inspire and offer you incentive to cover particular assignments for Digital Journal.
To report a story from the Assignments list, click on the Claim button. This tells us you are working on it and will have it submitted by the deadline. You'll be able to tell your name has been attached to the Assignment because it will be highlighted in yellow. Once you have claimed an Assignment, click on the Submit button to submit that story, or use the drop-down list from within your draft/article writing screen. If you do not see a Claim button, it's because the Assignment has already been claimed by someone else. Click on the line that says "1 of 1 claim" to see who is working on the Assignment.
In some cases, we will ask for multiple people to cover an Assignment, so you may see that few people have claimed some Assignments in the list. You can cover any story in the Assignments list that isn't already being covered, and any Assignment that allows for multiple contributors.
Do not claim an Assignment unless you are sure you can submit it by the deadline, and only claim one Assignment at a time. If you accidentally click Claim on an Assignment, click the Release button and the Assignment will no longer be attached to you. You will have five minutes to Release an Assignment, so make sure you only claim an Assignment you can fulfill. If you release an Assignment after the 5-minute mark, you will not be able to re-claim that particular Assignment.
When you publish a story from our Assignments list, you will earn a bonus above and beyond what you normally earn for publishing articles (see more detail on how our payment system works here). Note: You must click on the Claim button from the Assignment list in order to receive a bonus when publishing your article. If you write an article without claiming an assignment from the list, no bonus is applied.

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