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For France, bullfighting is now, unbelievably, "cultural heritage"

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Apr 26, 2011 in
It's official. Bullfighting is now a French cultural asset, as it has just been put on the list of French "immaterial" cultural heritage ("immaterial" means not a physical thing like a building or a statue.)
Bullfighting is popular in several regions of southern France, where tournaments are held each year in around 40 towns and cities. They like to watch animals being put to death down there.
So, here we have a major western country elevating to cultural status the public torture and slaughter of animals for the pleasure of baying mobs whose screaming demands for death are the last thing that those poor animals hear before slipping out of terrified agony and into oblivion.
And so now we are supposed to accept that sticking swords and other objects into animals that have been goaded into attack until they are so exhausted and full of blood-gushing holes that they collapse to the ground and bleed to death is to be venerated as are Van Gogh and French Cuisine? Art as a spreading deep red dying stain on the sand? Unbelievable.
Just watch the video. How can this cruel, barbaric, gloating, humiliating massacre of an animal be even legal, never mind classified as cultural heritage?...
Go somewhere else for your holidays this year. Boycott France and write to the French Ambassador of your country to say so.

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