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ToryBoy The Movie

By Benjamin Glass
Posted Apr 26, 2011 in Politics
Toryboy the movie is the story of film-maker and lifelong Labour voter John Walsh who became a Conservative Candidate for a seat in a staunch Labour heartland.
When Conservative leader and future Prime Minister David Cameron opened up the short-list for candidates, Walsh took a great leap into the unknown and this film charts that story. From Labour lad to Conservative chap in a town where voting anything but Labour is unheard of.
Set during the British 2010 General Election Campaign, what the film attempts to uncover is a place where intimidation and neglect have scarred a town that national politics has forgotten.
In the film Tory Boy Walsh sets out on a quest to find the local absentee Labour Member of Parliament Sir Stuart Bell. The film uses the insights from the candidates point of view added to some cheeky animation techniques.
ToryBoy is labelled by the makers as a political satire that cuts to the heart of the current British anger over politicians who have exploited a system and taxpayer for years.
The film was shot in Teesside during the winter of 2009 and through 2010s General Election year. Most of the filming took pace within the constituency battleground town of Middlesbrough, but there was some filming in London too, which is Walsh's home town.
When asked how he thinks the film will go down Walsh says: "Most of my film work has not been divisive and there has been a general consensus about the issues raised, such as homelessness, disabled children learning martial arts or teenage anger management. "
"For something like this, an investigative film, there will be some who think that I have exceeded my brief as a candidate. I would say that it is right to look at injustice and in this country people have died so that we may all have the right to question those in authority and those in public office."
John Walsh went onto explain that " It was the expenses scandal which blew off the doors of the political system and allowed people like myself to stand for parliament for the first time. When I got to Middlesbrough I found a town that politics had forgotten and a MP who was there in name only, a truly depressingly affair. I hope that my film will raise awareness of what is still going on in the safe political seats and start that long road for change that the people in the town so desperately need. "
The film will be released later in the year and although the film’s primary life will be on television, It has been entered it into a number national and international film festivals.
View the Movie Trailer here

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