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The Guantanamo Wikileaks leaks

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Apr 25, 2011 in Politics
Much is being made here in Europe about the latest batch of Wikileaks documents to be released, this time on the subject of Guantanamo.
My personal take is that as was the case for the Afghan and diplomatic leaks they don't really reveal much that wasn't either known or suspected, but whatever, that's not the point of this blog.
Some people are really riled though, and they are calling for a boycott of American products. Fair enough, that's their right. But that all reminds me of an amusing sketch I saw once. I think it was French although I could be wrong. It went sort of..
Anti-US politician - "Let's put an embargo on all US products!"
Public - "Hooray!! Glee! Glee! Which products?"
Politician - "All of them!!"
Public - "Brilliant!! Like..?"
Politician - "Euhh, like Jack Daniels, hamburgers, umm, American music, Coke, Six Feet Under, err, fridges, cancer chemotherapy, the Internet, cable TV, credit cards, CD's, escalators, irons, dishwashers, record players, and erm, maybe some others...? Ah, any ideas....anyone?"
Public - ".......:("

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