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Of Chrissy Lee Polis, Minority Politics and Matthew Shepard

By Johnny Simpson
Posted Apr 25, 2011 in Politics
Earlier today I discovered the fact that Chrissy Lee Polis, the victim of the vicious assault at a Baltimore McDonald's captured in a video that went viral, was a transgender woman. It made no difference to me. A brutal beating is a brutal beating, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as such. On further learning that the many bystanders in the restaurant did nothing, and that some even laughed as the savage beating took place, I was reminded of the notorious Kitty Genovese murder case in Brooklyn in 1964. Upon investigation, police discovered that at least 38 people witnessed Ms. Genovese's scream-fraught stabbing death in the courtyard of her Kew Gardens apartment complex and did nothing. Some even pulled up chairs to their windows to watch the crime.
The latter I have to assign to some defective crucial building block in the human genome, as the propensity for human callousness and lack of empathy in such situations seems to know no bounds. Yet there are aspects of Chrissy Lee Polis's case I find just as troubling. You see, Chrissy was a white transgender assaulted, videoed and laughed at by blacks in a majority black Baltimore neighborhood. It goes without saying that had this assault taken place in some white redneck town in Alabama, it would be the second coming of Matthew Shepard. Curiously enough, a rare comparison of Chrissy Polis's case to Matthew Shepard's arrives courtesy of Alabama's BRA Files, which asks the question "Why is the SPLC So Quiet About Chrissy Lee Polis?" But it isn't just the SPLC steering clear of this minority politics minefield.
The MSM, the Huffington Post and many other liberal and left-leaning blogs are still debating the question of whether it's a hate crime at all. I don't buy into the hate crime meme myself, as few violent crimes are committed out of love. But it is the liberal American left which has made a career out of making some crimes more heinous than others where protected racial and other minority groups are concerned. And therein lies the rub. Chrissy Lee Polis, a white transgender and protected minority, was assaulted and laughed at in her misery by blacks, yet another protected minority. So where the issue of a "hate crime" would be crystal clear in a case of white-on-LGBT violence becomes far more murky in Lefty PC Multicultural Land.
Some prime examples. Here is this comment and reply from the Huffington Post's main page report on the subject, GRAPHIC VIDEO: Was Vicious McDonald's Beating a Hate Crime?
From commenter datdude, a black man:
It's a hate crime but not because of race. Many Blacks including me still have a tough time accepting people with an unusual sexual orientatio­n (gays, bisexuals, transsexua­ls etc). Just because someone don't like someone does not give you the right to beat them.
The reply to datdude, from HuffPo Super User dmherb:
It's kind of awesome that you can have a good and rational discussion­. I've decided to fan you. Please continue being awesome.
With crystal clarity, datdude has admitted his own and other blacks' endemic intolerance toward LGBTs, yet dmherb thinks that's "awesome" that "we can talk about it." Can you imagine the same response from dmherb were it a white conservative like me confessing to the same intolerance of gays? dmherb also made this follow-up comment in the same post:
“The feds probably will sit this one out. If she had died they probably would have stepped in.”
Again, I have no doubt dmherb and every other liberal in America would be calling in the FBI, DoJ and the eerily quiescent SPLC had this incident occurred at the hands of whites in Redneckville, Alabama. This selective application of liberal outrage was also quite prominent during the Prop 8 vote. The Mormon Church and white business owners were subjected to withering fire from Prop 8 opponents, while the black churches that preached just as loudly for Prop 8, and whose parishioners may very well have made the difference in a close Prop 8 vote, were given a total pass. Yet 70% of California blacks voted for Prop 8, a 21% higher rate than whites and Hispanics. In other words, white Mormons and business owners were fair game while black Prop 8 proponents were off limits to LGBT attack because of the "common struggles we face." Liberals didn't want a civil rights war, you see. Solidarity, brothers!
In the end, it would appear in the sad case of Chrissy Lee Polis that intolerance of gays in the black community must be tolerated in the name of tolerance, or at least not as harshly judged were the perps white. The hypocrisies are self-evident. I say all this not to broadside liberals as an unsympathetic conservative. As an Independent Libertarian I have spoken out very loudly and vehemently against anti-gay violence and persecution, most particularly as it relates to the Islamist Gay Holocaust in Iran. Yet another troubling example of violent homophobia American gays have been eerily silent about for years. This is what happens when you take the blindfold off of Lady Justice and start applying favoritism or protected minority status to some offenders while vehemently attacking others not so protected. This is the multicultural bed of nails liberal leftists and LGBTs have made for themselves. They can now either choose to pull the nails out in the name of fairness and justice, or lie in it alongside Chrissy Lee Polis. How's this for a unique concept? Judge people by their character instead of their skin color?
UPDATE: Upon further examination of the Occidental Dissent website where the above- named BRA Files blog post is located, I have de-linked the post from this oped. From all appearances the website is White Supremacist in nature, and merely seeks to capitalize on the situation because the offenders are black. That is the diametrical opposite of the crux of my post here. I no more want to see all blacks demonized as a criminal race than I want to see criminals get a pass just because they're black. Both are utterly wrong and unjust viewpoints.