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Lennon was right. But his fans got it wrong.

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Apr 24, 2011 in
Lennon was interpreted by the political left as being a god, and by the political right as being a threat. But he was neither of the left or of the right.
Outwardly, he espoused leftist rhetoric, but his private life demonstrates that he was a deeply conservative man and his life's work was a constant cry for help. And neither aspect of his life had anything whatsoever to do with political belief because he instinctively knew that conventional partisan divisions were meaningless.
Result? His message was totally misinterpreted. His message was not one of revolution. What talk of revolution there was was no more than desperate existential flailing and the logical continuation of his early life, but it was not his inner credo.
He really did want peace. Not peace as in one side or the other of the Israel/Palestine - Islam/West - Russia/USA conflicts, just peace. Not "we win", but peace.
But his message was misappropriated for political reasons by all of us. It was hijacked for ideological reasons. He was turned into a myth, a symbol, an icon, and, finally, a target.
Chapman's target.
Chapman's target, sure, but we all drove him to do it, we all put him up to it.
Too bad, because his demand was just 'Gimme Some Truth.'
(Just sayin'....)

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