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Big Brother alive and well, 'Apples' iPhone/iPad - iTracking your smart phone?

By Daniel Boyington
Posted Apr 22, 2011 in Technology
Toronto, CANADA – It was uncovered when Michigan State Police (MSP) had revealed that they have a gadget that allows them to download all information in under two minutes from a person’s iPhone/iPad when they pull them over for a traffic violation and ask “may I search your car” and go about searching and then download all details from their cell phone which is mysteriously, secretly stored on the iPhone/iPad for up to one year. Since you agreed to the search, they assume it is legal. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the USA has a different view on this and have launched a vigorous investigation.
This device/gadget can download everything on your smart cell phone within one minute
This device/gadget can download everything on your smart cell phone within one minute
It has been reported that it stores, GPS, photos, emails, calendar, phone numbers, and many other things that you have on your phone and even though you have deleted them, they are still accessible from this device even if you have them password protected.
And the big question is why has Apple not disclosed this information and it is also reported that you do not have the ability to “opt out” of this unwanted, unknown, “Big Brother,’ private surveillance.
The MSP said “no problem” the ACLU can do an investigation and get the “freedom of information” data that they are collecting, but it would cost them over $500,000 to divulge that data.
UPDATE - There is an app (not from apple) which can/may solve this problem. It's called UNTRACKERED and you can click the link and check it out.