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Review: Fearless Chocolate the best organic chocolate I've tasted

By David Silverberg
Posted Apr 11, 2011 in Food
Say what you will about organic vs. non-organic chocolate, the bars coming from Fearless Chocolate are top-notch in taste and texture. Based out of San Francisco, the offerings from Fearless are diverse and rich, without being overly sweet. They only use raw organic ingredients.
There's another reason why the bars from Fearless are unique: as the site explains, "cocoa beans are temperature controlled using water-jacketed equipment.The process includes grinding, mixing, melting and molding the chocolate at temperatures that are under 118°F in order to preserve the nutrients, enzymes and anti-oxidants."
Be skeptical about this marketing statement, sure, but the proof is in the potent chocolate. For instance, Sweet and Hot Hibiscus Ginger had some spicy bite to it, but never overpowered the palate; you could truly taste the different notes of hibiscus and hibiscus flower. I've never had chocolate that nicely blended spicy and sweet.
Then there's Green Tea Peppermint, a bold flavour combo I thought would feel same-old. Not sure what Fearless does here, but the green tea taste nicely complements the shades of peppermint, making for a chocolate that goes well with any hot beverage.
Exploding Coconuts is recommended for those that enjoy that coconut flavour, and I can see it being used in baking recipes if someone wanted to be adventurous for a certain dish.
The bar they call 70% Super Seeds was slightly disappointing, because I couldn't pick up on the hemp and flax seed flavour as much as I thought it would. Perhaps the company was being conservative with those ingredients, which makes sense for foodies who don't want too much hemp in their chocolate.
Midnight Dark is their signature dark-dark bar, and it definitely excites the palate with a layered taste of raw cocoa and sugarcane juice.
Every bar from Fearless comes with a pre-carved "bite mark" to represent the money they donate to so-called "changemakers" across the world.
Single bars cost $5 and boxes (11 bars) cost $55.

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