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Why Republicans Will Always Lose the Planned Parenthood Debate, and Shouldn't

By Johnny Simpson
Posted Apr 9, 2011 in Politics
Right on schedule, the liberal Democrats are pummeling Republicans over federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Sen. Charles Schumer (PP-NY) swore that we will "never never, never defund Planned Parenthood." Rep. Louise Slaughter (PP-NY) descended straight into Godwin's Law and likened Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood to genocidal Nazi Germany, the irony totally lost on her that the Third Reich adopted American eugenics policies such as PP founder Margaret Sanger's and jacked them on steroids. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (PP-NV) pushed the panic button on PP clinic closures and played the cancer screening angle. Also right on schedule, celebrities like Scarlett Johanssen and Gwyneth Paltrow (who took time out from her boycotting of capitalist America, not including the Iron Man films of course) are out in force opposing defunding of PP in new ads, in which the word abortion is curiously absent.
So once again, Democrats portray Republicans as misogynist Nazis, women haters and even ladykillers now as always. And once again Republicans just stand back, take it and let them get away with it. If only they made the public aware of damning evidence regarding Planned Parenthood outside of the contentious issue of abortion itself, the majority of American voters would most likely support defunding PP in full measure. The organization's moral, ethical and financial corruption is both breathtaking and politically corrosive. In a recent GAO audit covering 2003-2008, during which PP received over $2B in federal funding, the GAO could only account for $657m of government funds spent. Where is that missing $1.3B? Before Congress authorizes another dime to fund PP, there should be a massive government audit to find out exactly where that missing $1.3B in taxpayer dollars went. Don't hold your breath.
But that is merely the financial corruption angle. Planned Parenthood is guilty of covering up hundreds if not thousands of statutory rapes every year. PP clinic reps have been captured in numerous sting videos offering to do it. One would be an anomaly, but repeated successful attempts indicate an onging pattern of behavior. A felonious pattern of behavior by the way, and one well-documented by a lot more than just video stings. Yet another criminal pattern of behavior is Planned Parenthood advising HIV-positive teens not to disclose their HIV status to uninfected sex partners. And then there is the mass-marketing of abortion to the black community. Some prominent black leaders and civil rights activists, including MLK's niece Dr. Alveda King, call it a black genocide. The NAACP, as well as Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, had no comment. But Negro Project founder Margaret Sanger had plenty to say.
All the above exposes yet another glaring problem. Democrats in Washington seem just as adamant in denying federal oversight of PP Corporate and its clinics nationwide as they are its defunding. One only need look to Dr. Gosnell's fetal abattoir in Philadelphia, facilitated by decades of deliberate non-oversight and cover-ups by regulators sworn to protect the public interest, to see where that road can lead. Yet I have not heard one Republican raise any of these deeply troubling issues in public. They seem to be more committed to not being tarred as misogynists in election cycles than oversight and reform. So PP's corruption horrorshows continue unabated to deafening GOP silence. For the record, I am a pro-choice Independent Libertarian and fully support Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. I have no moral or ethical qualms with abortion per se, except that 1,200,000+ annually is far too many and highlights major social and educational fails. But I've serious ethical qualms with Planned Parenthood.
I may also be a free market capitalist, but that doesn't mean I approve of the Mafia's business practices. Why aren't there any Republicans bold enough to present the same evidence to the American public? Or the fact that federal funding (at least the funding the GAO can account for) represents only 30% of PP's total operating budget? They need to get off the public tit and fund themselves. Let 'em hit up Johannsen and Paltrow et al! THE LATEST: It appears there will be no government shutdown after all. A compromise was reached. It includes a rider that no federal funds be used for abortions in the District of Columbia, a purely symbolic gesture given that the Hyde Amendment already forbids that by law. Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner called the deal, "the best we could do." Was it really? If so, his best just isn't good enough. That goes for the entire GOP as well. That Republicans have now broken their campaign promise to cut $100B from the budget this year will not be lost on voters who entrusted them with the hard choices, and will voice their protest via ballots. You have to give the LibDems credit. They possess passion, drive and determination Republicans seriously lack. UPDATE: PP funding was reinstated in the budget. Somewhere, Margaret Sanger is smiling.

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