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The Greatest Religion Of All

By Johnny Simpson
Posted Apr 4, 2011 in World
If you came here looking for an extremist diatribe declaring one particular religion as supreme over all others, you are both right and wrong. I am not in fact a religious person in the traditional sense of the word, but it is my religion that makes the peaceful practice of all all others possible. I am of course talking about freedom of speech and expression, the greatest religion in the history of mankind. My religion has propelled mankind from the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment and beyond. I am in fact so enthralled with my religion that I spent six years in uniform defending it, and would in fact sacrifice my life to preserve and defend it. In my religion all are free to benevolently practice their own, be it Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Wicca, Socialism, Marxism, Liberalism, Conservativism, Paganism, even Atheism and Satanism if you like. Or no religion whatsoever. There is room in my Church of Freedom for all, even Muslims. And there is more than enough room in my religion for slutwalkers!
Tragically, my revered religion is under assault from all sides today, especially from my own government. This past Sunday morning, US Senators Harry Reid and Lindsey Graham voiced their extreme displeasure with Pastor Terry Jones's burning of the Koran, and suggested that perhaps slight constrictions of our freedoms are in order to prevent barbarian Islamist savages from doing what they do every day regardless of outside influence: terrorizing and killing. Senator Graham suggested that certain restrictions on freedom were imposed during WWII to keep people from inspiring the enemy, as if there really were a correlation between Pastor Jones and Tokyo Rose. Senator Reid for his part suggested hearings on the matter, no doubt for the purpose of staging a PC show trial in the Senate starring Pastor Terry Jones.
As Ed Driscoll of PJM opined today, such apologists and enablers for radical Islam at the expense of freedom are nothing new, and that Islam has in fact become the de facto state religion in America. If you doubt him, consider this. ABC is about to launch a TV show titled Good Christian Bitches, without a peep of Congressional outrage or intervention to prevent Christians from being extremely offended. Rename that show Good Muslim Bitches and see what happens. Of course, ABC would never do that. American Christians wouldn't storm their building, hunt them down and chop their heads off. American Christians understand that the price of freedom means tolerating the worst possible blasphemies, like Piss Christ.
On that note, I would remind Messrs. Reid and Graham not only of their Senatorial oaths to uphold the Constitution and defend it from foreign enemies, but of Benjamin Franklin's seminal quote: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." There is no safety to be gained in appeasing unappeasable Islamist extremists, who no doubt were planning to storm that UN compound and kill everyone inside anyway. Nor would a Koran burning increase the desire of the Taliban and Al Qaeda to slaughter our troops, even if killing one US soldier means killing a hundred innocent Muslims. It's what they live for. It's who they are. It's what they do.
Radical Islamist extremism is the Nazism of our age, and must be fought as such to the death if there is ever to be any real peace and enduring freedom in this world, for ourselves and generations yet to come. In my opinion, both Senators should be officially censured for their words at the very least. Not that that would ever happen, but if anyone should be targeted for hearings on this issue it is not Pastor Jones. He merely exercised his right of free speech, however distasteful, under the First Amendment. The US Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of such acts as permissible in the infamous Westboro Baptist Church case. We are not bound by Sharia laws, and Mohammed is not our Prophet. Mine happens to be Saint Alice.
I grow weary of defending my most holy religion against the dark forces of radical Islamist extremism both at home and abroad. It is now nearly three years to the day that I had to defend my religion in the Geert Wilders/LiveLeak FITNA case. Sadly, it appears Thomas Jefferson's famous quote that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty is much more than just a mere platitude. It is fast becoming a full-time job for myself and far too many others. That I should have to defend it against some of my highest government officials is a tragedy beyond measure. Today Digital Journal is my Holy Temple of Freedom, and this is my sermon for now. I hope that somewhere in these words you may find salvation, as well as the will and strength to vigorously defend the highest religion of all. Won't you join me in my holy quest? Might I suggest we start the first leg of our journey with Harry Reid and Lindsey Graham?

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