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Islamist Terror and Murder NOT a Result of Burning the Koran

By Johnny Simpson
Posted Apr 2, 2011 in World
Earlier today, I discovered that the Mediaite website and many other liberal and leftist blogs have been very keen and quick to lay the blame of the slaughter of UN employees in Afghanistan squarely at the feet of Pastor Terry Jones for his burning of the Koran. Before I give an account of the endless list of Islamist atrocities and horrors not related to Koran burnings, know first that I distinguished between peaceful Muslims and radical Islamists right here at Digital Journal a year ago. Fact is, innocent Muslims are the greatest victims of Islamist atrocities and terror attacks worldwide. Islamists butcher other Muslims who would never dream of burning the Koran just because they're the wrong kind of Muslims. Who is to blame for that wanton slaughter?
Second, an analogy. Let us hypothesize that in 1987, as Andres Serrano's inflammatory and blasphemous Piss Christ was on display at the Brooklyn Museum, that a crowd of angry American Fundamentalist extremists storm the museum, burn the building down and kill everyone inside. Who would be responsible? Andres Serrano and the Brooklyn Museum for exhibiting Piss Christ? Or the murderous fundamentalist extremists? Some perspective is in order here, people. To that end, allow me to illustrate exactly how radical Islamist extremists who commit their many Satanic evils in the name of God need no reason to maim and kill. No burnings of the Koran were involved in any of the following terror attacks and atrocities:
The 9/11 terror attacks and the over 17,000 Islamist terror attacks worldwide since, which include Bali, Madrid, Jordan, Iraq, London and Afghanistan. The Islamist-driven Sudanese genocide. The Islamist extremist reign of terror in Iran, from which not even children are spared. The honor killings of teenage sisters Sarah and Amina Said. The splashing of acid in young Afghan girls' faces for the crime of going to school. The butchering of Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam. Do I really need to go on? In America and the West, we have the rule of law. We hold accountable those who break laws both small and large. Since the Koran Pastor Jones burned was his own, he had every right to do with it whatever he liked under the First Amendment, just as Andres Serrano had every right to place a crucifix in a jar of piss and call it art. Or of Danish cartoonists to draw Mohammed without fear of assassination.
To blame Pastor Jones for the mayhem and murder in Afghanistan over the burning of a mere book, no matter how sacrosanct it is held by some, is moral equivocation of the worst order. The killers, and the killers alone, are guilty of mass murder. Please also keep in mind that the UN compound was no doubt already targeted by the Taliban and Al Qaeda for assault. Radical Islamist extremist killers blow themselves up most every day in Afghanistan and Iraq, killing and maiming dozens of innocent women and children in the process, many of them Muslims. What did they do to deserve such horrific maiming and violent death?
If we are ever to win the war against radical Islamist extremism, we must dispense with liberal self-guilt, moral equivocation and suicidal PC multiculturalism and call out the enemy for who and what they are. If we begin to restrict freedom of speech and expression in order not to offend radical extremists who take offense at our very existence, then the Islamists have already won. How can you fight an enemy you are afraid to even name, never mind blame for their own atrocities? On that note, I fully plan on participating in yet another Everybody Draw Mohammed Day this coming May 20. I was against it last year, and even suggested drawing Ahmadinejad instead. But now it is coming to a point where yet again our freedoms are being dictated to us by Islamist terrorists and their leftist enablers in the West, who are so quick to charge Pastor Jones with mass murder and exonerate the real killers, and whose solution to the problem is to submit ourselves to the arbitrary and capricious whims of perpetually foaming-at-the-mouth Islamists by restricting our freedoms to express ourselves.
I will not submit!
UPDATE: One common liberal leftist meme that seems to be emerging from this tragic episode is that Pastor Jones is guilty of shouting FIRE! in a crowded theater and should be prosecuted on those grounds. That straw man analogy could not be more erroneous. Pastor Jones exercised his First Amendment right with property that was his to burn, however sacrosanct others may hold it and don't like it. Goes right alongside the freedom to make Piss Christ and burn the American flag. Fact is, the Islamist theater is always burning because they keep feeding the flames themselves. It's who they are. It's what they do.
I will not curtail my freedoms ONE INCH to appease unappeasable psychotic fanatics who take offense at everything. May as well say, "Let's not burn Mein Kampf because Hitler and the Nazis might kill some Jews over it." In the end, does it really make any difference? Anyone who thinks the Taliban didn't already have that UN compound scoped out for attack is a self-deluding fool. Like a broken clock, Pastor Jones is right this one time. Were it not for the Koran burning, it would have been something else. Bloodthirsty fascist megalomaniacs always find a reason to maim and murder through terror, no matter what anyone does.
LAST WORD: This is becoming like an Islamist Groundhog Day. I posted that linked oped here three years ago almost to the day. When will people wake up to the Islamist threat? When a nuke goes off in a Western city? Will Pastor Jones be blamed for that too?

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