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What do we make of the Koran burning and the UN dead?

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Apr 2, 2011 in
Seven UN workers slaughtered – of which some were beheaded – in Afghanistan and at least ten people killed and dozens injured in related violence. That is the direct result of the recent burning of a Koran by Christians in Florida USA. Terry Jones, the man who threatened to burn a Koran on the anniversary of 9/11 last year, was present at the burning and approved it.
What do we make of these events? Sadly, they won’t change a thing. Bigots on both sides of the divide have come out of this more convinced than ever that their adversaries are to be despised and hated. And what do we make of the arguments by both sides? There is nothing to learn, and even less to understand.
That is because they are both right, and they are both wrong. Of course burning a Koran is a reckless and provocative act against people who believe it should not be done, but it is equally valid to argue that if someone wants to burn a book in a free country he must be free to do so whether it offends other people or not.
As for the killings, of course the killers are responsible for their own actions and of course Jones and those who think like him would not have wished to read about the horrific way in which people who worked for peace were massacred. On the other hand it is impossible to deny that these Christian extremists were looking to provoke trouble and they knew that burning a Koran was the right way to go about it.
These events have convinced me more than ever that fascist religious extremists of all persuasions who use moral dilemmas as an excuse to foment violence and hate are the scourge of this planet.
They are a disease and a cancer within the body of human society, they are most surely satisfied with their evil weeks’ work and they know that their repugnant work is far from over.
If indeed a hell there is, may they all rot in it.

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