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Come Find Me

By KJ Mullins
Posted Mar 31, 2011 in
Come and find me
He called out in the tangled jungle
I am just over here past the vines
And I rushed in but it was too tangled
There was no reason, no pattern
The vines used to have a shape
That I climbed and twirled on
I could rush in and out without a care
One day they went dark
The night stayed on for days upon days
The vines moved just slightly
To the left, to the right
Pathways became cluttered
The sun rose again
The path stayed cluttered
I spend days now wandering
Some days I find my way
Some days I stumble along
Some days I stand in the middle
Feeling lost and alone
I scream out to the wind
Come find me
The me that I was
The me I want to be again
The breeze comes back
Touching my face turn this way
I turn and see a new path
One that looks strange
Bits of dirt look familiar
Trees hide other areas
Come find me whispers the leaves
We are old yet newly green
We will show you the way
That is new and unseen
So I wander the way they show
Finding me, the new me
The me that was born when the sun rose again
After the long cold dark night
And still in the distance you hear
My voice echoing out come and find me

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