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Entourage season 7 review

By Lewis McCathie
Posted Mar 30, 2011 in Entertainment
Over here in the UK, the seventh season of HBO's Entourage has just wrapped. Despite the show now receiving less than favourable reviews, I say these reviews are harsh.
The show stars Hollywood playboy Vince Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) and his entourage of friends as they enjoy the movie star lifestyle.
However, I can understand the level of disappointment and criticism aimed at this season of the hit 'dramedy'. The introduction of adult film star Sasha Grey as Vince's girlfriend was not wise. Not only can she not act but her character is of no interest whatsoever. Also, The Guardian has recently stated that this season is feeling a bit familiar which is a view shared by a section of fans, who believe the series is past its best.
Vince's frantic agent Ari Gold provides plenty laughs throughout the season. However as his personal life takes a hard hit, the laughs dry up, but he still remains a real entertaining character throughout.
Fans of this show -dating back to 2004- will know what to expect when watching Entourage. They'll enjoy the various Hollywood parties, the many celebrity cameos; ranging from Eminem and Mark Cuban to funny man John Cleese. The interesting adventures of Turtle, Drama & co. will certainly please loyal fans, but newcomers to the program may not be as enthralled.
Overall I found this season to be a fun ride. The most fascinating storyline to follow I thought was Vince's frivolous lifestyle, involving his drug addiction and partying ways. There is plenty for fans to look forward to as the season finale provided plenty cliffhangers, setting up the final eighth season very well indeed.
So with a lot of enjoyable celebrity cameos this season, an interesting self-implosion plot involving the main man, Vince, and with plans of a movie on the way in 2013, I feel the best is yet to come from this wildride of a series that is Entourage.

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