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The soccer and the coffin in the stands.

By Yulia Costas
Posted Mar 30, 2011 in Sports
Excluding the war, drug trafficking and corruption, among the various risks that you might find in Colombia is not wanting to leave the country never... and of course the soccer fans.
According to Colombian police, if you are an adult and you go to the soccer stadium with a trumpet, a stick or a gun, you could not qualify to enter, but if you bring a coffin with the remains of a fan as happened in Cucuta town, you could likely pass “unnoticed” through the door and be very much acclaimed in the stands.
Cúcuta fans (a border town in northern Colombia) managed to outwit the rigorous checks and put a coffin with a dead teen in the stands.
The body of 17-year-old Christopher Jacome was brought in a coffin to the General Santander Stadium in Cucuta, the capital of North Santander, Colombia on Sunday match between Cucuta Deportivo and Envigado. The boy was a loyal fan of Cucuta. His friends took his coffin with the remains from the funeral home and went into the stadium in an attempt to pay homage to the slain soccer fan. In the last minutes of the game, in a concerted way some fans that were inside and others outside, planned the entrance of the coffin at the time in which the stadium gates opened for the exit of people. reports about the new. Here is Colombia There is a phone video but unfortunately only in Spanish.
Multiple crimes occurred in different parts of the city. But in this case, on March 26, while playing a football game among friends in his neighbourhood, two gunmen stormed the field and shot Christopher Alexander Jacome Sanguino, 17, and Bayona Cristian Camilo Vega, 19, residents in the sector. Christopher Alexander was killed immediately, while Cristian Camilo was taken to the Polyclinic and sent after by ambulance to University Hospital Erasmus Meoz. The young man was shot in the left eye, in the back and both legs. He underwent surgery and the prognosis remains reserved.
Colonel Alvaro Pico Malaver, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cucuta, said the fans entered with the coffin fooling the logistics group and authorities. "They told the police officers that they had consent from the logistics group and the logistics agents were told that they already had the go-ahead from the authorities" he said. He calls what happened as "unfortunate incident" and has opened an inquiry.
Managers of the club regretted the incident and clarified that the entry of the coffin to the General Santander stadium during the game Cúcuta - Envigado, is the sole responsibility of the National Police who are in charge of security (for exterior security rings at entrance and doors) of the stadium.
Police is busier than ever caring for the safety of North American, European and oligarchy properties but in this case, they must take a closer look and investigate this murder, judging the commotion that occurred in the community. As additional data, it should be mentioned that there is an active presence of criminal bands in Cúcuta town. Its main activity is the source of all evil not only in this region but in all Colombia: the drug trafficking including production, marketing, distribution and money laundering. The sad thing is that when one of these organizations is destroyed, another takes the same path. They use extortion, traffic with arms and of course commit murders.
Phrase "Rest in Peace" is not a devotion rule for some fans, however as shocking it may be, it was a big demonstration of solidarity by their fellows. His name will be remembered. However, it is sad to know that innocence does not end when a son becomes a man but when a crime destroys a life.

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