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Praises the government on Tv show for earthquake reconstruction, but it's all a fake

By Federico Guerrini
Posted Mar 29, 2011 in World
We thought we had seen it all happen, in the last few years in Italy, but propaganda using the dead and sorrow of two years' ago Abruzzo's earthquake, could not yet be foreseen.
But it happened, in the Tv Show "Forum", very popular in the Italian programming.
Marina Villa, a middle aged woman from Popoli, a small village in Abruzzo, took part in the show, pretending she was from l'Aquila, the beautiful city destroyed by the earthquake, and praising the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, owner of the Tv where the show goes on air, for his "great job".
She also blamed the people from L'Aquila still living in hotels (hundreds of houses have not been reconstructed yet, although the government swears the opposite), saying they stay there because hotels are comfortable "and everything is paid for".
It was later discovered she had been given 3.00 euros to play the part and the staff of Forum had told her exactly what to say.
Saddest of all, although many Italians, in forum and social network, are raging against the show, asking to close it, and the politicians of L'Aquila are protesting as well, the authors of the program don't feel any need to apologize.
As for the woman, reached from the daily La Repubblica, said "I don't understand why they'are bugging me. Everybody knows it's a fake show".

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