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It's about time - a toothbrush with built-in toothpaste

By David Silverberg
Posted Mar 24, 2011 in Technology
Why hasn't this been invented yet? Imagine having a toothbrush with toothpaste built into the handle. You push a button or squeeze something and the head of your brush is instantly adorned with toothpaste. It's ideal for travelling folk who prefer to have one unit for all their teeth-cleaning needs.
Now a Spanish designed company has created a prototype of this genius idea. The Twist & Brush uses a "toothpaste deposit." As kawamura-ganjavian's product page explains, "The traveller decides before departing how many doses of toothpaste will be needed for the trip and just twists the grip to push the paste before brushing."
No word on if this brush will be on sale or mass produced. No price has been announced. For now, at least someone has invented the thing so we can see how the world reacts. Sure, it might be strange to not see toothpaste glide on the bristles, but think of all the waste we'd save.
And best of all, no more frustrating mornings trying to squeeze the paste out of the tube. Then again, we might have future problems of squeezing the last bit of goo from the Twist & Brush.