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Come back to sanity, Charlie Sheen

By David Silverberg
Posted Mar 22, 2011 in Entertainment
Last night on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, troubled actor Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance to hand out TV shirts like a basketball half-time show. The audience squealed in delight, Sheen swore, kissed Kimmel on the lips, and left within four minutes. It felt scripted, despite the surprised looks on Jimmy's face.
As expected, his appearance went viral.
Sheen is grabbing at straws here. He's hoping to stay relevant, to remain in the spotlight, but it all looks so pathetic. It's like watching a train wreck struggling to clamber on centre stage, even if too much debris gets in his way. Sheen wants to do things his own way, sure, but he's looking confused and, well, sad. I'd like to see him come back to Earth.
I've noticed many Sheen fans like his "winning" ways because he's his own man, flips the bird to CBS, and rants about being awesome. Is that Sheen or the drugs talking? Or the booze? Or is it all just an act, like Joaquin Pheonix last year?
I'm sure Sheen is raking it financially with his recent antics. Who knows how much he's making with a new line of T-shirts or his media appearances. Who cares? What matters to fans of his show and of the Sheen legacy is that this actor is struggling with his own ego right now; and it looks like everyone wants to take advantage of this chaos.
Come back home, Charlie, we miss ya. And you don't have to act crazy just to get attention anymore.

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