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Just plain ole blind sided

By Jeanette Willoughby
Posted Mar 17, 2011 in Lifestyle
This goes out to the single women who are in a one sided relationship. When love does not work it just does not. Not to long ago a single friend of mine informed me she was so in love with the man she had been dating for more than several years. She explained to me that her man of several years told her that he was not in love with her. She was devastated and crushed to the core of her heart. It was a shocker to her body systems due to the fact of dating for the pass 2 1/2 years and there was no indication of anything knowingly wrong in their relationship. She explained that he seemed to enjoy her sex, cooking, social outings, friends and other relationship matters. They had normal disagreements but nothing out of the ordinary so she thought. Ladies, i am not a relationship expert but there are indications when something is wrong, but some persons choose to ignore it. When a man does not call you or he is beating around the bush about something you asked him, please take heed to this. He is not interested and he is not going to give you and explanation or call you and share his disinterest. He is going to ignore you because that is the nature of men. Ladies just move on and go do you, go about your own business. He is not going to call you anymore, simple as that. Why waste time with someone who has no intention on having and exclusive relationship. Don't be a idiot, just cry it out and keep it moving. It makes it worst when you try to get an answer and hold on to a man who is not trying to hold on to you. This may sound cold and harsh but trust me, men like sex and they hold on to women for the sex until they find another to replace you. Most time they really don't have a reason they just don't. You can do all the right things, make the right moves, but it does not matter. What is in their minds, is not in yours. They have mapped it out, contemplated and then without you realizing they are gone and you are oblivious to what happen. Ladies, i just want you to know the reality of relationships and how they can unfold. If it not in your best interest, let it go.. if he is not going to love you, just let it go... Just telling you what the deal is.. let it go