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Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic- Tom Dempsey, God's personal photographer

By Paul Wallis
Posted Mar 15, 2011 in World
OK, DJ, don't say I don't do you any favors. Mr. Dempsey seems to be on a mission to prove that photography is a true art form, and he succeeds on a roughly 100-200% basis.
His photos are National Geographic quality, and he's had some published by them. He's traveled the world, and seems to have a knack for finding shots which even classic Disney would envy. If you're one of the people who appreciates the incredible aesthetics of flora, his flora page is nothing less than fantastic. If you're a North American, this is one of those rare photographers who knows how to handle the incredible colors and settings of those Autumns of yours. He's also managed to capture some of the extraordinary settings of old growth forests, not easy to do.
He's got some Australian pictures, too, and those are the genuine article. That's our bush at its most elegant, and he's even managed to capture the aftermath of a bushfire, in all its ambivalent glory.
The global collection, including shots from Greece, Argentina, Switzerland and Chile, is equally beautiful, but it's the American shots that show a huge affinity for the subjects. These photos are the product of a combination of love and expertise.
(Speaking of expertise, Dempsey should start looking at doing some commercial work for the orchid category, because those pics are about a thousand times better than the usual dire efforts in the reference books.)
The technical quality of this work is obvious, but there's one particular area in which he's produced some truly extraordinary choices of shots which put this work in a league of its own -subject selection. If you've ever wondered how it's supposed to be done, this is it.
Case in point- There's one extraordinary photo of dozens of different types of multicolored lichen, called Lichen pattern, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, CANADA down near the bottom of the flora page, which is absolutely mindblowing. If you know the subject, this shot is damn near impossible. Any mycologist or botanist could spend years just trying to find this configuration of species, and any Impressionist could go happily nuts trying to paint it. That's the difference between a good shot and a fantastically important shot. It's like Cezanne hit a high spot.
This is the home page of, Dempsey's site. Browse and enjoy, because you'll find it as hard to drag yourself away from this site as I did.

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