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The Helmet Mounted Video Camera Blog

By Levi Patrick
Posted Mar 15, 2011 in Sports
Helmet cameras have grown to be extremely popular among professional sportsmen as well as the general public. They make it easier for you to catch professional High-definition videos from a 1st person perspective which lets you share your experiences with your friends and family. It's true that they're great but how do you choose the right one for you? This post will tell you about the way to pick out the highest quality helmet cam and as well , where to search to uncover the least expensive deals.
You might be able to find a helmet mounted camera on various websites, however the problem occurs when you find that the price is dramatically dramatically different among these retailers.
Not only does the price vary but you also have to worry about the quality of the product itself. You don't want to end up with a crappy camera that delivers grainy video and sound. So, how do you find the right camera?
Your Point of View Camera Needs
Seeing as there are an assortment of helmet/Pov cameras these days, it's important that you are aware of the various functions you'll be needing prior to making your purchase. If you're like most people, video playback quality and sound are top priority.
For some others, the most important features are a combination of video quality and the ability to take a lot of punishment. If this is you then you should be aware that there are some POV cams being marketed to extreme sports players that won't stand up to the punishment delivered. Before spending your hard earned money on one of these cameras make sure it's shock proof and comes with a good warranty.
Scuba - Surfing - Snorkeling - Kayaking - Etc.
There are some helmet mounted camera shoppers who are looking for a camcorder that has underwater capabilities. There are a few premium body worn cameras in today's market are water resistant or come with an optional water resistant casing.
Will you be using your camera for multiple purposes? If so, you should look for a camera that is made to be mounted to just about any surface. Some helmet / body worn sports action cameras are equipped with various mounting preferences for headwear, bicycles, motor vehicles, scuba masks, etc. A number of them have universal mounts in order to attach them to almost anything.
The priciest helmet cam isn't automatically the right. I have seen some video camera purchase prices set at preposterous amounts for what they deliver. The best quality helmet camera which you can buy is actually set at an amazingly low cost if acquired through selected retailers.
In order to narrow down your top selections, you obviously prefer to make a price comparison. Most quality helmet cam rates start around $190 and rise from there, contingent upon where you make your purchase. I've explored the globe for optimum quality helmet / body worn / POV cameras with the most competitive prices.

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