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Tagging articles. Again.

By Michael Cosgrove
Posted Mar 11, 2011 in
This is the place we are supposed to come to to discuss 'features' and other things so that's what I would like to do here, on the subject of what is and isn't news/op-ed and how this is decided.
I just posted an article, a book review. Before doing so I wrote to explain why I was tagging it news, and my reason was (supported by three examples) that that is how many other book reviews have been tagged on DJ.
You can imagine my surprise when my article was re-tagged as op-ed and I was told that the site has talked to - and I quote - "dozens" - of members about tagging reviews and that the eds have decided to tag all reviews op-ed from now on until they find another way to tag them. My article is, coincidentally, the first to be tagged according to this new and previously unknown 'rule.'
I would like, if I may, to ask a few questions.
"Why have I not been one of those dozens that the site has talked to on this issue?" "When was this decided?" "Why, if this is a temporary solution, have the editors not announced it in a blog, preferring as they have to announce it to me alone on sitemail?" "Why has the site not retagged other articles which were put up as news?" "Is this the right way to announce changes?"
You will excuse me for saying so, but all this seems to be rather piecemeal, clumsy and hastily cobbled together in my view, and that's the least I could say.

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