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Tensions on the Home front...

By Ellen Palmer
Posted Feb 27, 2011 in Environment
Feelings tension on our streets, it is basically everywhere, seeing disappointment and despair and it is also everywhere…
Shocked by violence and hatred that pops up at the drop of a hat, the overwhelming desire to take, steal, and rob; even murder is growing by the numbers.
Homeless people on the corners, begging for food, and or work, digging in the trash cans, sleeping under bridges, has become outrageous.
Thinking about how many children are going to bed hungry tonight breaks my heart. How high unemployment rate is if you have a job you are one of the lucky ones, if you don’t finding one is so hard.
Broken lives, lost jobs, ruined careers, bankruptcies, shattered marriages, or other tragedies invade our life. In the mean time you could lose your car, house, and the life that you have been used to living, most homeless people don’t choose to be homeless, some do, but most don’t.
Recession, living from paycheck to paycheck, or depending on food stamps, welfare, has led our nation to depend, on others. This has invaded us like the plague; we live joyless, somber lives, and this nation that is in trouble.
Everyday driving to work, seeing people out on the roads picking up cans, ratting thru trash or garbage, makes me grateful for the paycheck I have. It is too clear that this nation is on a roller coaster ride and from the past hasn’t recovered.
Having children, and one son that wants a job and has been looking for work seriously since he graduated from high school, he is now 21, but finding a job is complicated in a town such as mine, all the big companies are moving away. He has decided the Marines is the way for him, actually thinking it could be good for him, but we are basically at war, yes at war, so what if he gets put on the front lines, my heart drops. All because he couldn’t find a job, now he is basically he has been forced to join the service.
Okay America isn’t the only trouble spot; basically the whole world is in turmoil…The population is exploding, which is causing more to die from starvation, drugs, crime and violence. This is serious and most don’t think about anyone but themselves, why because they can barely take care of themselves…most want to pay it forward, and help one another, but just can’t.
The political problems and events of the past have damaged the future, and have put an unmistakable stamp on destiny as we call it… that has caused greed, fraud, corruption, and manipulation of welfare, food stamps or unemployment.
Everything is brewing heavy right now, promises for a better life, promises for medical insurance etc. Living on hopes and dreams, as well as for hopes of peace, everything has unraveled this nation and the world. Hoping for new opportunities, and that the world can prosper is just a dream as well.
Constantly confronted by life, realities, new problems, bills to pay, in a world in crisis, which we are all pulled into everyday disturbed by pictures of war, violence, on our streets, so this leads to tension on our streets, no matter where you live, a little urban town, or a big city, it is basically all the same.
The tragedy is, we don’t deserve this, it is or has become a fragile line between life and death, picking whether you’re going to eat, or get the medicine you truly need. Having to choose, this is so sad, tragedy reads, elderly woman couldn’t afford her much needed medicine, but she was hungry and decided to eat instead. This shouldn’t be happening anywhere.
The newspapers are filled every day with crazy, horrible stuff; this is a poverty stricken nation. Leading people to do what they need to survive and it is sad when they choose robbery, stealing, or murder to get what they need.
There only a few things that are really of value, food, medical supplies, or attention, a warm bed, and a shelter most don’t have this, but why don’t they? Because our government, nation, America is in debt up over their heads, spending when America was in its prime, borrowing from other countries when they weren’t, now in dept to the other countries.
Seriously none of us know what the future will bring, or holds for us tomorrow, but believing we can’t help our fellow man, the poor or destitute, because our emotions have been purged. Basically this is true, most people with their hand out wanting, not that I am not willing to give, but they are so willing to take.
My passion for my fellow man is great, been without a job, had three children, no husband, and food stamps and welfare kept me above water for a while, finding a job was hard, after finding one was very grateful. When we see fraud, corruption, and abuse at every level in our society it makes us second guess what people actually need, and that is need, not want.
My emotions take over sometimes, when I am at the food bank, watching people come by the droves, in one car, from one family, and know this for a fact, but get 3 boxes of food because the lied, this upsets me terribly, because greed, has taken over this world, not caring if the elderly lady behind them gets a box or not…only thinking about themselves…
My family is the best, and they have always been there when my children were hungry, they have often paid my electric bill, without me knowing, then I pay it as well and then I am ahead. Really one of the lucky one, not homeless in the streets, not hungry, able to buy my medicine, actually live from paycheck to paycheck, no food stamps, no welfare, and happy. Do visit food banks in the area; get some great food that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself.
But the world has become a can you give me kind of nation, why? Because there aren’t any jobs, if they have a job, don’t really want to work, if they are handed something, and handed it enough, they think it is supposed to be handed to them.
But the people who actually work are the ones that paid for unemployment, food stamps and welfare, they are taxed and the others live of the sweat of your brow. So this is a call to character, the recent tax hike in Illinois took an extra 8.00 dollars out of my check, really what can 8 dollars buy? It could pay for one of my medicines, put a couple of gallons of gas in my car, but instead, someone else is getting it, is this really fair? Values are at an all time low, the great things we were taught as children have been thrown out the window…
But anger and outrage that tops my list, the welfare of the people who need, really need and try survive, verses the people with their hands out, lying , to get what they think they need, but only get what they want from food stamps, welfare, our unemployment, many people, a big world and how do you weed out the bad ones, when our government, can’t afford to pay people who work in these systems, so it has been cut in half and a lot more slip through the paperwork.
It is a no win situation, period, and it is getting worse.
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about our system until, they realize it is broken, and with unemployment at an all time high, more are searching out unemployment, food stamps, and welfare. So figuring out our path for the future is impossible.
Only knowing that the government will be paying my son, to go to war, actually this is all about him, but feeling the way I do is also a personal opinion, but deep in my soul, we need to fix this broken United States before it is too late. He searched for a job, every day, he lived with me, and was feeling guilty about doing so, wanting something better for himself, he decided, he wasn’t pressured, even though I hoped one day I would come home and he tell me he had a job…In three years this didn’t happen, and knowing for a fact he put in applications, and even went to the temp services, he would work one day a month, for them, he had gotten depressed and overwhelmed with life, trying to keep him on the straight and narrow, wasn’t a challenge at all, he was a good kid, and I will miss him cleaning house and doing laundry while I am at work…He has his own life to lead, to sad he was basically forced into it.
Surviving is something that is in all of us, some of us actually want to survive, the rest just want to live…Having a moment my friends…