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Albanian billionaire Sahit Muja join New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch to support immigration reform.

By Milla Johanevich
Posted Feb 27, 2011 in World
Albanian billionaire Sahit Muja join New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch to support immigration reform.
Mr Sahit Muja said "The US needs to allow 10 million legal emigrants to stimulate the economy, jobs and real estate".
"The benefits of legally allowing high levels of immigration to invest in US will help the economy. As investments by emigrants grow more plentiful the ability of all US workers to fine a Job and purchase or rent housing increases".
"There are 18.4 million vacant homes in the U.S. Farmers are in desperate need to sell their products. Manufactures are in desperate need of new orders. The US government is in desperate need of more taxes to cover mounting deficit.
Allowing 10 million legal emigrants in US with the minimum of 1 million dollars investment will solve all economic problems" .
"The US economy will See 10 trillion dollar in investments. Unemployment will despair. In the 7 years the deficit will be balanced. I have traveled the world and always have been amazed with the desire of people to live and invest in the USA. The US is indeed the best country in the planet build by emigrants. The US government need to really consider this opportunity".
"The US is the best destination to invest in the world.
The US has the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world. The US has the best legal system in the world and is the safest country to invest in the world. The US has more of everything naturally that China has".
"The economy in China is growing because of population demands for everything.
China’s 1.32 billion population is a huge market for international and domestic demand for food, energy, oil, natural gas and metals".
"China has a strong driving demand for housing to meet the needs of 300 million people. Real estate demand in China will continue to grow because of migration of rural population to urban this will continue to drive housing demand, rather than a growing population as in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and large parts of the Middle East".
"India’s population in 2011 is around 1.2 billion people. Currently, India is the second largest country in the world after China in terms of population. Population of India at the time of Independence was only 350 million. Indonesia’s population is 235 million and growing. Brazil’s population is 200 million and Turkey’s population is 75 million, one of fastest growing in the world".
"Booming economy in China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey will help economies in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, Africa, Russia, Middle East and Latin America. From 2011 to 2015 more than 500 million new families will need new housing in the world. The 300 million new homes are presently needed in China, India, Indonesia and Brazil".
"Growing economy and population will drive the demand for new roads, railways, airports, hospitals, schools, banks, infrastructure, water projects, energy projects, courts and legal system, new factories, houses, buildings, oil and natural gas refineries, power plants, wind energy turbines, solar power, cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, machinery and much more".
"Growing demand for everything will create an opportunity for new jobs in all sectors of economy. The agriculture sector in US will grow as demand for food will rise. Financial, telecommunication and new technology sectors will continue to grow and improve driven by strong demand and competition.
The emerging global economy needs more energy, oil, natural gas, metals, cement, rubber, iron, gals, steel, copper, silver, nickel, gold, aluminum, chrome ore, wood, agricultural products, urea, phosphate and other materials".
The Chinese Government pledged on Sunday that the government will build 36 million units of affordable housing by 2015. China will build 10 million affordable housing this year.
"Beijing has taken measures since 2009 to change China’s hot property market. The measures include raising down payments, mortgage rates, and limiting the number of homes that one family can buy".
"With its rapidly growing rural-to-urban population, China is in the midst of a massive transportation infrastructure upgrade in order to maintain the country’s economic growth and development".
"The Chinese companies have been targeting huge investments in Africa, Latin America, South America , Canada, Australia, Iran and Sudan. China spent billions of dollars on foreign acquisitions last year.Demand for energy, metals, food and all sorts of staples is booming in China".
"In 2010 the price of oil rose 15 percent; gold was up 30 percent; corn, 52 percent; cotton, 89 percent.
The investments in the energy sector is very important for China to sustain economic growth. The Government is also investing in green energy and a stronger and smarter grid with massive investments focused on increasing capacity, reliability, efficiency and integration of renewable".
"China’s holdings may reach $3 trillion by May.Chinese firms provide jobs for about 10,000 Americans. Chinese investment has grown from less than $5 billion in 2008 to $12 billion in 2010.
Mr Sahit Muja said "I am in the support of immigration to be allowed in the US".
Sahit Muja
President & CEO
Albanian Minerals
New York

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