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Sarah Palin's Glasses Huge Seller in Japan

By Chris Hogg
Posted Sep 17, 2008 in Politics
Forget about her political viewpoints, her campaign platform or her track record -- people these days care most about her glasses. Sarah Palin's designer eyewear have become a huge seller in Japan, according to reports.
Republican VP Palin's glasses are designed by Kazuo Kawasaki, and Kawasaki couldn't be happier about all the press Palin is pulling in. Kawasaki says Palin has made his product famous.
"She is very good-looking. She would look good in any glasses," Kawasaki told the Canadian Press.
For those of you curious, she wears the clear-rim MP-704 and they're made of "super-light and non-allergenic metal called titanium." The company that makes the specs is based in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan.
The company says they normally make 12,000 pairs of Palin's model glasses in an 18-month period, but since the Republican Veep's publicity storm, they've already received 9,000 orders (mostly from the U.S.) in the last 10 days.
For more info on the glasses, or to find out who Kawasaki thinks is right for the White House, check out the CP report here.

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